Company GERSAN A.Ş. was founded in 1980, and is one of the leading companies, in the energy sector, in Turkey. It produces systems and materials for transmission, protection, connection and electrical conductors, from the switchboard to the household sockets. The main activities of the company includes: electricity transmission lines, mechanical support systems for buildings, industrial facilities, factories, airports, oil and gas refineries, shopping centers, hotels and etc. GERSAN AŠ, for the mentioned facilities above, are working on  BUSBAR systems, transmission systems, cable carriers, grounding systems, cabinets and rack cabinets, various systems, from those for charging electric cars, automation, lighting systems and LED bus systems, floor channel systems, various special laptops and systems of steel structures. In the modern company test laboratory, along with the most advanced technological devices, tests are carried out according to IEC / TS EN 61439 standards. Company posses many certifications such as GOST, IEC, BS, TSE, EN, ISO and CE and exports to countries of the world from Vietnam to Chile, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Russia, Morocco, Albania, Dubai, Qatar and others


Kromel Group is the Turkish market leader and most famous brand for production of   machines for milk treatment and dairy products manufacturing. Over twenty five years KROMEL GROUP exports their products in forty three countries in the world. By 'Turnkey system' KOMEL is offering support through overall process, planing, projecting, instalation, applying and making objects for milk treatment and diary products making. Additionaly KROMEL GROUP is manufacturing milk cooling reservoar systems, systems for measuring, tankers for milk transport, as well as milk storage units. KOMEL has production line for manufacturing cheese products (kashkaval, melted cheese, gouda, edamer, mozarella, white cheese, lori cheese), and for manufacturing 'UF cheese', 'PAS systems', as well as sour yogurt, ayran, creamy cheese, cream yogurt, ketchup, mustard, mayonese, honey, jam, syrup etc. All KROMEL GROUP products have necessary market standards: ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TSE, CE, TUV, GSI EN 287-i and EN 1418.


Safran company has over thirty five years of experience in manufacturing and production of cleaning machines. Today they have more than hundred high quality products which are environmentally friendly and which are working on low energy consumption systems. Those products are machines for: industrial cleaning, deep-cleaning, cleaning industrial carpets, water pressure washers and self-service machines, special products and their spare parts. Safran company is extraordinary because of it's relationship with customers, they are offering guarantee, support for tehnical help, spare parts and troubleshooting. Today, Safran is well known brand when it is up to cleaning machines, and their products are exporting in more than fifty countries all over the world.